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Her unique sense of artistic style, passion and a proven record of success have made Najla Kaddour the premier make-up artist for the region’s most prominent personalities. So many non Arabs and non Saudis out there giving “expert” opinions on life and culture here, hence my blog. Shoestova showcases Natalia’s personal work as a model, stylist and digital creative in addition to her collaborations with leading fashion brands and industry professionals.

I'm Rachel, blogger at The Dubai Diaries, a travel & lifestyle blog which follows my adventures around the world as cabin crew! Since Nov 2012 Also in Cabin Crew Blogs Website Facebook fans 120. About Blog Najla Kaddour is a Dubai based make-up artist & blogger who is committed to providing the very best in makeup design and application. I am also an assistant professor of linguistics at a university in Riyadh. About Blog Founded by Natalia Shustova, Shoestova has seen large success in the past three years and now runs over multiple media platforms with high level of exposure. Art Kentro is the ultimate hub for the latest news on art events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

About Blog HEALTH is a bi-monthly and bi-lingual (English & Arabic) publication. About Blog Mideasti is a Blog by the Editor of the Middle East Journal, Michael Collins Dunn. Shadi Hamid is a contributing editor at The Atlantic and a senior fellow at the Project on U. Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings Institution.

About Blog The Atlantic covers news and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international and life on the official site of The Atlantic Magazine.

About Blog Middle East Eye is an independently funded online news organisation that was founded in February 2014. About Blog Middle East Online Brings the latest Middle Eastern news to your feed. It brings together, on one platform, many of the region’s most prominent journalists, and translates their work into English. About Blog Al Bawaba combines the most substantive content licensing system in the Arab World with a unique and growing news community, cutting edge technology and first rate journalism. About Blog The Middle East Forum, a think tank founded by Daniel Pipes (its president), seeks to define and promote American interests in the Middle East and protect the Constitutional order from Middle Eastern influences.

About Blog Al-Monitor is an award-winning media site dedicated to in-depth coverage and analysis of the Middle East.

About Blog My name is Eman Al Nafjan and I’m a mother of three or at least I try to be. About Blog Egyptian Chronicles is a news blog about Egypt, its news , its politics, its social affairs as well the Middle east issues and affairs. I'm sparked with everything around me, spinning old cultures with a modern twist to bridge the gap between what’s modern and what’s traditional Frequency about 1 post per month. With a flare for elegance and luxury, she accentuates each piece of her wardrobe, mixing both high street and luxury high end brands, to create a style as unique as her persona. Also in Luxury Fashion Blogs, Luxury Lifestyle Blogs Website thefiercediaries.com/blog Facebook fans 10,629. About Blog Art Kentro is an online publication for the creative community in the UAE..

Find healthy living blogs related to Wellness, Fitness, Trending, Food, Gloss, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle on Health Magazine Blog. Website healthmagazine.ae/blog Facebook fans 26,549. Mideasti puts Middle Eastern Events in Cultural and Historical Context. About Blog An Expat in Kuwait writing about her love for food, shopping, makeup and everything else under the sun. Since Dec 2015 Also in Kuwait Blogs Website Facebook fans 3. About Blog Dubai Travel Blog is a travel blog about tourist places, food, hotels, culture, lifestyle & events in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm originally from a tiny little town in the South, east Tennessee to be exact. Since Dec 2016 Website alhafiz.com/blog Facebook fans 6,952. About Blog Jeddah Blog is a one-stop, city guide dedicated to this unique part of the world that is Jeddah. About Blog Dubai blog is dedicated to the amazing Dubai. I have lived and worked in London, France, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Oman. In this space, i share my comments on Middle Eastern issues and politics. I’m a Filipino Expat in Dubai, a full-time healthcare worker, an occasional traveler, a foodie at all times, a hopeless romantic living happily ever after. Since Aug 2012 Also in Expat Blogs, Dubai Lifestyle Blogs Website Facebook fans 2,576. Our vision is to preserve leading domain of business enterprise in Kuwait commercial world with vision to gain trust and earn affiliations of our customers through the widest range of state of the art products Frequency about 4 posts per month. About Blog Born as blog and later evolved into a site and then a real portal, Dubay Blog is a network of websites and social pages about Dubai, UAE and the Middle East in general. Also in UAE News Websites Website Facebook fans 11,347. About Blog Israeli ex-pats publish their Israeli newspapers, on line blogs, support their own synagogues, social welfare and Israel advocacy organizations. Except for six months in Beirut, I grew up in England and Scotland. is a client centered, multi-faceted enterprise, where we provide state of the art design and print services to our valuable customers from diverse backgrounds. I am Robin Yassin-Kassab, born in west London in 1969. Draw up a chair at my kitchen table, come with me to the market, consider difficult choices about food (especially when you live in a desert) and share my cheese obsessions. Her most important goal is to empower women in the region and continue contributing to the industry with high quality content. About Blog Qunfuz is the Arabic word for ‘hedgehog’ or ‘porcupine’. I’m Sally Prosser, food and travel blogger, a keen eater of good food and for me that’s about using the best, freshest, tastiest ingredients cooked from scratch. She launched onto the scene in 2012 with her blog Dalalid, sharing her daily personal style and make up tips. Karl re Marks is a Middle East political and cultural blog Frequency about 1 post per month. It is written by Michael Koplow, Turkey and Israel observer, Red Sox obsessive, and father of three adorable kids.

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