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Photographers all over the US are being arrested for just taking pictures and it is not right.

One of the things about this which reduces my concern about it (though it doesn't eliminate it), is that it's not the number of cameras which matter.

Think Credit Scores, business reputation, and security risk assessment.

The local constabulary haven't a chance in a million of having the time to figure out what I'm doing in my private life, but someone who is getting a bonus paycheck every time they say something nasty about me to a creditor, is something to pay attention to.

Do you really think you are that important to warrant someone spending money and resources on? It would be thought that someone values you enough to WANT to cater to your needs by evaluating what you might need or want to then make it easier for you to obtain those things.

That could be anything from a food you like to eat or even a type of person you like to hang around with.

I recently discovered that while walking through a major metropolitan area for blocks I will be digitally recorded by private and/or city surveillance devices.

that whole "oh my gosh someone is watching me" stuff..... That whole "Wow, someone thinks i am important enough to WANT to spend time and resources watching me" With almost 7 billion people on this planet there is technically a 1 in 7 billion chance that someone would actually want to go through the trouble.

Do you feel current advances in this technology interferes with our rights to privacy? I'm lucky that i can go for days without seeing a security camera, but yes when i do i feel it is an invasion of my privacy.

Many people will say "if your not doing owt wrong theres no need to dislike them" but i find its more about principle.

For many people that update their status non stop they even have a pretty good idea of how you spend your days and nights.

Add into the mix a twit account with mobile updates and you now have added the gps data to where you were.

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