1934 silver certificate dating

There were hundreds of millions of silver dollars sitting in vaults and it was decided that no more were needed.At the time, some thought they would never be needed to be struck again.

With its large printing, the Series 1934 is available with a Choice CU at 0, A Gem CU 0 while a star replacement note in Gem CU is ,250.

Not only did the Series 1928C, 1928D and 1928E have low printings.

They also had quick retirements as they were the final series to promise ONE SILVER DOLLAR in payment.

By this time the novelty of the small-size notes was gone and there was very little saving even of regular notes.

In fact, someone who saved just a nice example of the Series 1928C, 1928D and 1928E for face value would have done very well in terms of price appreciation over the years as all had low printings with the Series 1928E being the low at just over 3.5 million.

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