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Overall, I thought Matt played with good poise down the stretch, and I thought our other guys did as well.

Junior Guard On the game tonight: I just got cleared today it was a game-time decision.

We did a pretty good job of that today and came out victorious.

Matt [Coleman] took a real shot to the face and we had to get him out of there just to give him a little bit of a break, because he made a couple of mistakes.

I said that was progress and whenever we could get him back would be great. It's huge what Roach was able to do for our team tonight, because you have an extra level of athleticism and burst as a team when he's in there.

Then the assistant coaches started grabbing me and saying, "Snoop's playing, Snoop's playing." I was walking out to the court at the beginning of the game and I turned to the trainer and asked, "Can Snoop play or not? On being consistent in both halves: Well, there's no question that we've been a little inconsistent with finishing off games.

Andrew and I share the same hometown of Irving, Texas and he and his family have been in our team prayer since this happened.

We want Andrew to know that he has a lot of love and people in Texas praying for him.

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