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The parents were not given an IEP report but were told to come in to school the next day to enroll the child in kindergarten.

Parents were given an IEP the next day, but it did not mention grade placement.

Subsequently, the parents were told that the child could not be enrolled in kindergarten because he was 6 years old and had to enroll in first grade, regardless of his "special circumstances".

I'm wondering… is there a way the school can change the determination of the IEP without the parents, without breaking the law?

Shouldn't she be able to receive accommodations from the school district for her disabilities even if she's doing well academically?

You are partly correct in relation to each point, but also partly wrong in relation to each.

The decision as to which should be used should be made on an individualized basis.

Further, often, children with PDD-NOS and/or ADHD do need an IEP, even if much of the intervention is based on accommodations.

I don't know if a 504 plan could be adequately individualized for my son.I'm wondering what my rights are in this situation and wondering what steps I should take to keep my child on their IEP.First, there are many situations where a student may qualify for either an IEP or a Section 504 plan.The child was found eligible for special education services, and we held an IEP meeting.During the meeting, it was determined by all professionals on the team that the child should be enrolled in kindergarten with an aid, despite his age.

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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder — Not Otherwise Specified) when he was 5.

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