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” If she is irritated about it, sometimes it’s better to just bring it to the surface and talk about it openly, rather than feeling vaguely uneasy that she might spring it on you at some point.

Am I misinterpreting, or is there something there we should talk about?By non-negotiable, do you mean you’re willing to leave if you can’t have this schedule? If it were something you were hoping she’d agree to but which you’d work around if she didn’t, you’d have to figure out exactly how hard of a line to take, and how to balance that against your desire to stay in the job.But if you’re clear with yourself that it’s a non-negotiable and you won’t stay in the job without it, that actually makes this more straightforward.It is not logistically or financially feasible — nor do I think it is reasonable — to have to leave at and outsource daycare pick-up or have someone on call five days per week when I am inevitably running late.Nor is it an unusual accommodation in many other departments within my organization.

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In that case, you could say something more like, “I’ll be honest — your agreement that I could work this schedule was the reason I came back.

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