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The Pacific Queen called in at AM with 4 bluefin 25-353 yellowtail. Seabass fishing--- there's still a few around but they seem to be off in their biting habits Light overcast w a mix of clouds above- clearing mid day- wind light and fair from the southwest- 4- 5 kts seas good- some light chop to it- Building tide movements Coastal fishing still effected by that uphill bound current-- and a west swell putting you in the trough- a few bass-- so far not many boaters out- except a few Jet skiers and sailors and whalers. Oceanside area northwards There must be some boats out today-- weather backing off- tides low at 1-2 pm starting to fill in this afternoon- - but the radio was quiet-- against a west swell and mix sea state-- I was going to go out this morning but the sloppy weather said no-- made two casts off the dock- one nice 10 inch spotty- quit Today's coastal surface currents showed an increase in strength and a broader influence to it- pushing up from outer Mexico waters as far north at Oceanside, or informative methods on how to catch these elusive giants of the sea-- One of the newer casting lures on the market- ( Kept as the secret weapon last year) for Bluefin Tunas , was the himano's new Coltsniper sinking stickbait lure--- there's is an internal weight that slides to the back tail during the cast, and then spring forward when the lure hits the water, increasing casting distance by up 22-percent.

the slow-sinking Coltsniper stickbaits have a wide slide swim action when retrieved.

EL NIÑODISCUSSION During April 2018, the tropical Pacific returned to ENSO-neutral, as indicated by mostly near-to- below average sea surface temperatures along the equator .

Subsurface temperature anomaliesremained positive ], due to the continued influence of a downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave Atmospheric indictors related to La Niña also continued to fade.

This Bill has a realistic chance of passing, but we need every vote in the Senate.

Both IGFA and CCA-California support this Bill, as do numerous recreational fishing and boating organizations .- light west wind 2 3 kts downhill coastal current , strongest S/W of Oceanside, waters holding 63 degrees-- and clean-- maybe 40 ft visibility this morning-- fair fishing reported so far-- partyboats targeting sculpin outside LB.

Glassy flat calm-- no whales spotted yet-- Water temps ranging from 55 to 65 degrees-- sounds like there were some whales seen below Dana Pt- heading uphill Still wouldn't forget about any Broadbill Swordfish around-- they're out there May 29th, The Liberty called in reporting good signs of big Bluefin with several XXL Bluefin hanging.

Quiet day on the water--- never saw any sunshine-- -------- - JD My father, as many of us at our age had served in World War II, he as a Army Air Force Sergeant, Gunnery Instructor versed in demolition, aircraft armament and aerial gunnery.

He gave a spellbinding presentation at the BAC last year and recently spoke to over 50 interested anglers at Newport Harbor Yacht Club. coastal currents switched yesterday from the previous 5 days of a uphill current to a strong downhill- still downhill this morning- New Moon tonight strong tide swings--- Fishermans Landing report -The Liberty called in at today with 2 Bluefin 50-60 lbs with one hanging and 3 Yellowtail.The Pacific Queen called in with 35 Yellowtail and 4 Bluefin Tuna (25-30#) for 18 anglers!-Old photo of Zane Grey with a nice White Sea Bass taken at Catalina they say good Yellowtail catches developing at Catalina- Another funky weather day-- south so far today- overcast-sun's trying to come out- The upcoming weekend's weather shows a blow on the outside Saturday afternoon/night- Sundays better and Monday better yet-- -------- the month's slipping away-- again light overcast some light morning drizzle w/ a light clearing west wind after noon-- seas fair- south swell and light west wind chop- Water holding 62- 63 degrees --------- Light high cloud cover-- wind south 2-4 kts- seas OK-calm light mix to it-- Good morning low tide today-- with the swing mid morning you'd think someing would bite-- so far just Bat rays-- water temps 62 Light west wind- 6- 8 kts under a overcast sky- filling afternoon tide-- just enough driftthat should bring a strike or two on the halibuts- Although it doesn't show the inner bottom layout very well, there's row after row of shelves and small flats where coastal current, like wind sweep hills of rocky hard bottom w shells on the seawards side/ sculpin, mud flats (clam beds/ sand bass) on the leeward side of these small hills, where the Mussel farm is now.It also shows the Newport Canyon where a good drift from the deep part of the canyon- 150-100 feet up the canyon's wall to the 80- 60 ft flats where sunlight just penetrates and where upwelling of the canyon bring little baitfishes for awaiting halibuts all along that shelf and to the west the escarpment ( Bank Perch/ Sand Dabs) of the San Gabriel canyon and it's East Coast /Florida -Formation chance through 48 hours...0 percent.* Formation chance through 5 days...medium...40 percent.

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