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Many also feel comforted by nursing, perhaps as they remember the calm they felt when soothed by their mothers as infants.Adult nursing relationships can form naturally between an established couple.ANR is an acronym for adult nursing relationship, two adults in a relationship who engage in adult nursing.The woman may or may not lactate, the man suckles her regularly as part of their intimate relationship.An adult nursing relationship (ANR) is a partnership between a breastfeeding adult, usually a male, and a female who breastfeeds him.The people in an adult nursing relationship may be romantically and/or sexually involved or simply enjoy the act of nursing.

A couple may become a nursing couple intentionally or their relationship may evolve into a nursing relationship naturally.

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Soon things that once seemed like big differences become smaller.

There are some who deeply desire to have an adult nursing relationship who are not currently in a relationship.

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