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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes,was also a ship’s surgeon, a boxer, Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey and a first-class cricketer who ended up in believing fairies lived at the bottom of his garden.Conan Doyle chose the name Sherlock in honour of Nottingham cricketers Sherwin and Shacklock. Conan Doyle played ten first-class matches for the MCC.D, it was over, the Inca had conquered the Chimu state.The entire Chimu state, was absorbed into the Tawantinsuyu community and resettled in the city of Cuzco, to serve their new Inca rulers.

Chan Chan, now largely destroyed, once produced a spectacular array of artistic works such as gold jewelry, feather mantles, great textiles, and considerable work in wood and clay.The arid climate has preserved more art from the Chimú region than from most others.Like all other great civilizations, the Chimu were militaristic and expansionistic.His batting average was 19.25 but his only wicket as a bowler was that of WG Grace. Interesting facts about the Arcade: • It has the Oldest and smallest Police force in the world (The Beadles).• Since 1819 patrolled by the Burlington Beadles who uphold a strict code of conduct dating from Regency times.

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Ghost Alert: There is not one but two famous haunted houses located in Berkeley Square! Stow writes: ‘I have heard of ancient men, of good credit, report that these single women were forbidden the rites of the church, so long as they continued that sinful life, and were excluded from Christian burial, if they were not reconciled before their death.

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