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Fans have speculated for so many years what CM really stands for in CM Punk’s name.

Some wonder if it stands for “Chicago Made” as he hails from Chicago, Illinois.

She was pulled over for speeding in excess of maximum limits.

Amy owns homes in Atlanta and Nicaragua, and volunteers for several worthy causes.

She previously had two piercings in her tongue and another two in her nose. In February 2005, it was revealed that Dumas had been romantically involved with fellow wrestler Adam "Edge" Copeland for several months while still in a relationship with Hardy.

Shortly after Hardy made the incident public knowledge, he was released by WWE.

He has hooked up with about a dozen fellow wrestlers.

In 2007, she acquired a sleeve on her left arm, featuring Mexican skulls, one of which has the band 7 Seconds' logo on its forehead.Originally, she was paired with Essa Rios, but she achieved her greatest push alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme.Throughout her career, she won the WWE Women's Championship four times.Following the completion of her training, Dumas made several appearances with the Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre.After returning to the United States, Dumas began working as a valet on the independent circuit.

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However, this name perfectly fits his charismatic persona given that he has always had a way with the ladies.

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