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Validation renders reliable processes and results in qualitative products. As the FDA defines it: “Validation is establishing documented evidence that a system will do what it claims to do.” That’s what we put into practice everyday.

Automatisation systems for the pharmaceutical industry as well as laboratories in any industry must comply with strict requirements and laws: United states: FDA Code of Federal Regulations - Europe: Eudralex Micro Techni X adheres strictly to these procedures to ensure undisputable correct results for every automated test.Lab VIEW can be used to perform a huge number of mathematical and logic functions, including, but certainly not limited to: basic arithmetic, if/then/elseif conditional statements, case statements, FFTs, filtering, PID control loops, etc.There are huge libraries of functions to pull from.You can also interface to code developed in other languages, through DLLs. NET assemblies, and run-time interpreters (e.g., MATLAB), for example.Another somewhat unique capability that Lab VIEW offers is real-time compilation and the ability to execute function blocks without requiring development of a test case.

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