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Don’t let Aquarius’ benevolent and humanitarian approach to life fool you.Like Scorpio, Aquarius is irreverent, cynical and shocking.When Scorpio is melancholy, Aquarius’ goofiness and exuberance will provide a cheer-up.The excitement soon hits the skids in the Aquarius and Scorpio love match.Eventually, both will feel unsatisfied in the relationship.With so many differences and with both having a fixed nature, compromise will not come easy.Aquarius give intense focus, but only sporadically in surprise intervals. Individualistic Scorpio will tire of Aquarius needing so many groups and having so many interests outside the relationship.Ultimately, Aquarius wants to be loved by the whole world, while Scorpio just wants to be loved by Aqua.

Aquarius people don’t often harbor hate, but Scorpios sure do. This is definitely not the best Scorpio love match — in fact, it’s one of the worst! You love flirting with self-destruction…so have fun, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! After a first marriage to Leo John Stamos, Rebecca exchanged vows with Aquarius Jerry O’Connell.

Aquarius on the other hand is fascinated that the Scorpio woman or Scorpio man can feel so deeply, even if Aqua doesn’t understand how to fully navigate the emotional realm. For Scorpio, originality flows from being a hardcore individualist; for Aquarius, originality stems from being alien, bizarre and uncommon.

Most of all, these two fixed signs respect the other’s strong, punctuated presence. Aquarius’ magnetic focus and full attention makes Scorpio feel loved, cherished and, for a time, even worshiped.

Aquarius may notice this and think it incredibly selfish. Aquarius is a sign of freedom while Scorpio is the sign of possession.

Scorpio will never be able to harness Aquarius and Aquarius will feel suffocated and angry by attempts to try. Lastly, Aquarius people don’t want to be changed and hate being anyone’s pet project.

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