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October 6, 2007 - Contrary to reports that Tyra Banks and her boyfriend, New York investment banker John Utendahl, got engaged over the weekend, Banks' rep exclusively tells, "It's not true.Tyra is not engaged."September 22, 2007 - Tyra Banks called in to Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 19) to chat about the new season of America's Next Top Model'.Tyra talked about the move to New York and whether the girls on the show are snobby. September 9, 2007 - Tyra Banks isn't ready to endorse a political candiditate for president yet the way Oprah Winfrey is backing Barack Obama.

In this case, she came out pushing an ice cream cart, in short-shorts, reading poetry. (Laughter.) Daly: It was like, at what expense are you getting good live TV? Something goes wrong, there are no cues, and you have to play it off. ” Deeley: If you do make a mistake and handle it with a bit of charm and self-deprecation, it really endears you to the audience. You want it to feel that at any moment something could go wrong! One time, I’m moderating this discussion, and the two guys start beating the crap out of each other. Seacrest: I’ve only been crushed by Ruben Studdard and his brother. I think it has to do with my lack of height and size. They were inside a Winnebago and were making me wait outside. That could have been a nice moment on TV, but it didn’t work out that way. All of a sudden they are like, “OK, we are going on strike.” I stood up, “Bring it on! They sent me the video, and we took the guy off the show. I remember looking at the raw footage of Kourtney [Kardashian] having Mason, the baby. Half of me was interested, but I was shocked that she essentially reached down and delivered her own baby. When we do home visits, producers make some tough calls. Seacrest: “Have you ever been hit on by a contestant? STORY: Emmys 2012: The Top Reality Contenders (and Long Shots) in the Race Piligian: You have to really like the person to play golf with them. Americans need some form of escape, even if it’s through a Kardashian show. I can be a singer.” Daly: Do you get pitches that are just bad? Within 48 hours, I was 200 miles away at sea and ran into the worst storm in 40 years. And I’m keeping meticulous notes because in my mind, my twisted mind, I’m going, “OK, when this boat sinks at the last minute, I’m going to take this Pelican case, I’m going to throw it overboard, and I know the current travels south, so two years later that case is going to wash up on a shore in Santa Monica, and some kid is going to walk up to his father, “Hey dad, look what I found,” who happens to be an Emmy Award-winning editor.

PHOTOS: From Deeley to Seacrest, THR's Portraits of TV's Top Reality Talent The Hollywood Reporter What’s the toughest decision you’ve had to make on live TV? ” and opened the door, went inside and said, “Lock the f—ing door, leave the security guy out there.” I told Paul [Teutal] Sr.: “We are going to have a rough time here because it’s me against you guys. ” Piligian: Thom’s and my slates are kind of the same. ” He takes a baseball bat to the f—ing camel’s knees to get it to go down. This is probably not a good idea for us to show.” Piligian: We did a show called . Reality TV: THR's 50 Most Powerful List Daly: You represent the whole table! Sweeney: Do you wear an earpiece when you are live? I was actually sitting on the set this year, and we were trying to figure out audition dates so that they could be cross-referenced with all of the other schedules. I don’t give a shit about more money.” All of a sudden that fame takes hold, and then they realize that “without this show, I’ve got nothing.” Seacrest: Your characters are intense; ours are pretty grateful. (Laughter.) THR: What’s the strangest interaction you have ever had with a contestant? Deeley: Well, most of them are gay, so my averages are very low. But Mark Burnett produces cinematic television, and I thought it was different enough where it could work. Piligian: We would never allow somebody to see anything before it hits air.

Carson Daly: For me it was: Do I ask Mariah Carey to leave the MTV studios one July afternoon in 2001 when she came in without being booked on the show? You guys better really be prepared for this.” PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes With TV's Biggest Reality Players Deeley: I’m terrified just listening to this. There are tough guys who want to know if you can take a shot. I turn to [executive producer] Tom Shelly and go: “Dude. We can’t have this guy hitting these camels with baseball bats.” Seacrest: No one tells a story like you tell a story. And one of our jousters, a big Australian guy, the horse stepped on his foot. Then I saw them in the teleprompter broadcasting to America, live. I think it’s one of the most spectacular shows on TV. Deeley: There are definitely times where I am quite touchyfeely with everybody. (Laughter.) We try to leave the door open because what you’re doing is taking ordinary people and putting them in this hothouse. Seacrest: [To Deeley] You’re hosting but with the chairs. If you are producing television that strikes a chord with America, everybody has a pursuit of a dream, and if you can tap into that — whether it’s through weight loss, through singing competition shows — and you can do that well, you’re going to be successful. ” “Well, they are going to boat, and then they are going to drop a pot …” Seacrest: How did you come up with that concept? It’s a family with a lot of love, a lot of craziness, a lot of chaos. But at the core, it’s a group of sisters and a mom, and Bruce, who is just trying to figure out what’s happening around him with this storm of women. And they made a pact with themselves to be really honest. They just let it go, and we shoot with a skeleton crew a lot of times with the intimate moments, with some of the relationship breakups, et cetera.

Tyra has also branched out outside of modeling, having started her own Ty Inc.

company and being involved in charities such as a line of greeting cards which are created by children with the money going to benefit literacy for kids living in troubled environments.

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Taylor also is a big man at 6'6", and one lucky man to have still won the affection of the rich and famous Banks.

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