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This view, known as the priesthood of believers, is a foundational issue for the Baptist faith.

Since the beginnings of Baptist thought, this individual freedom has been a basis of doctrine.

Parishioners who owned stills would tithe their alcohol; and preachers' salaries often included whiskey.

All this began to change, however, as the Temperance movement took shape (Hailey, 1992). Pathagoras noted, "drunkenness is an expression identical with ruin." In 44 B.

In the 1700s, a Baptist minister created the formula for bourbon whiskey (Hailey, 1992).

During the 1800s, many Southern ministers operated stills, and sold alcohol (Hearn, 1943).

In the past, a town's citizens looked at drunks as a shame.

Refusing to hold such creeds as infallible, Baptists have suffered persecution.Only then, did they turn to the Bible to find support (Hailey, 1992).There are legitimate reasons for Christians to abstain from alcohol.Many people, throughout history, have chosen to abstain.The reasons usually revolve around the anecdotal observations, noted in the previous section.

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