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I know of no other in which this essentially condimental tobacco is so much to the fore. You can see how it is a hard composition to blend, with ingredients often hard to obtain, and whose consistency over 130 years has been variable to say the least! , and not, lately, much of a money-maker: English tastes, in this as in everything else, have become coarsened and vulgarised; and so, once it was deprived of its big American public, this blend simply became problematic and unprofitable. S., but certainly he bought his stock directly, and at all times had just about every grade of every shape they made on hand and available in the periodic brochures he sent to those on his huge mailing list.It has a peaty, brackish astringency that is quite unique as a taste? To this is added a large quantity of fiery, tenebrific, real, SYRIAN latakia, all of it held together by the background? That and its uncompromising flavour do not augur success with the masses. Joe worked closely with GBD on developing new shapes, e.g., #263 extra long Canadian, the ? Militaire, and his masterpiece, the original, Collector-sized Cognac (#9621), made exclusively of Greek briar (as were Charatans).

Pipe Used: Savinelli King Cross Age When Smoked: 27 I smoked a lot of this from the 1980s until the mid 2000s, and it was my main "go-to" English blend.

Required few relights and left little dampness in the bowl.

All versions had a nice after taste, and were all day smokes.

There was light unflavored soda note or two along with some dry wood from the yenidje.

The 1990s and later versions have drier in taste than it was in the 1980s, due to the decrease in the red Virginia. Burned at a moderate pace, cool, clean and fairly smooth with a very consistent flavor.

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Those were the three pipes he believed in, BBB, Petersen, Comoy, Sasieni and even Barling having already begun to slide. While he had Baby's Bottom, Three Nuns, various Dunhill blends and many others, along with a logically progressing series of tinned, Lane-blended American tobaccos exclusive to the store, the main event was a complete line of English tobaccos based on Balkan/Best. Balkan made them all, including Krumble Kake, which was Balkan pressed and sliced, considered by ? It was, at that later time, a more piquant, far more acrid blend with other orientals added. The original Balkan purportedly contained latakia (I don't know if it was Syrian, Cyprian or both), Virginia (I don't know the varieties, but none of these ingredients were toasted except, of course, the latakia), high grade English Cavendish, and Yenidje from Macedonia, as advertised on the can.

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