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If Marvel can't show it in their PG-13 movies, we can't have it in the group gallery.

Sometimes it's nice just to view the art without the noise of group blogs constantly updating in your message feed.I saw Man of Steel yesterday and it just seemed like angst piled on angst, and there just wasn't enough character development for me. Now what makes me wish that I could find a Marvel vs. , New X-men , Generation X , New Warriors , New Mutants , Runaways ok let's just say they have tons of different groups for the X-men and Avengers.Iron Man 3 however explored so much more in realistic development, and so for movie of the summer I'd easily go with IM3 over Man of Steel. For Marvel, who's the real person: Spider-Man or Peter Parker? DC game is to see Deadpool and Deathstroke fight each other....maybe Ironman vs. Dc Does have different groups too but i just find marvel more interesting like Civil War Marvel that was very interesting. but if they ever do come out with a justice league movie which i'm very excited for and when i watch man of steel i might get interested in DC a little more. We have recently updated our gallery submission policies!“you can’t do that” -- continually up for that new challenge.Good friendships and relationships are a rare commodity and I don’t take them lightly; I...

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