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“Get furious and fight back.” The speech, made in Florida earlier this month, went on to claim areas of Britain were controlled by a “Muslim mafia” and allege that there was “institutionalised discrimination against whites” in the UK.Ms Hopkins railed against “Muslim men” and the “Muslim mayor of Londonistan”, referring to Sadiq Khan, who she claimed she “cannot stand”. For me, there are certain names that I hear and I think ‘Urgh’.“It's such a pleasure to be amongst people that are prepared to fight for their country,” Ms Hopkins said, before telling the cheering audience it was “our time”.

'I'm saying I'm not going to be the one to go in and start shooting...

It was a really hot day and one man collapsed in the water.' The 23-year-old had spent 15 days at sea escaping Myanmar, yet spent hours in fast-moving water for the show.

Ms Abdullah claims she even saw one man collapse due to the heat on the day of filming.

He handed in his resignation a few days later, and showed the letter to the court.

Secret recordings made by an FBI informant reveal that Allen, Wright, and Stein struggled to recruit any other members to join their scheme.

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column that saw Ms Hopkins describe migrants as “cockroaches” and “feral humans” resembled pro-genocide propaganda in 2015.

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