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Having a collar that was separate from the shirt was not only more efficient for laundering but was also more economical as it allowed the soiled collar to be replaced without having to buy an entirely new shirt.

Initially manufactured by hand and constructed of cotton, paper or heavily starched linen, its popularity quickly spread to the rest of the world, particularly among the growing class of office-workers that became known as white collar workers.

As the period progressed the wing collar gradually dominated the other options.

Shirts that opened in the back were introduced in the following decade and this style grew in popularity for dress shirts until it was the predominant choice in the 1930s.It became known colloquially as a "boiled shirt" because boiling was the most effective washing process to keep shirts white and to remove the copious amount of starch from the garment's four-layer bosom.These bosoms were made of white piqu or linen, the latter either plain or pleated, and generally took one or two studs.Their extreme stiffness and tendency to pop out of place also made them the subject of humor and ridicule.As in the previous era, the Edwardian full-dress shirt featured a stiff bosom of piqu or plain material and the number of studs ranged from one to three throughout the period.

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