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The Saviour had shown Himself in glory, and spoken a few words of gracious power to him. –14; ; Col ; Philemon 1:9–13 I.—SAUL AT DAMASCUS HIS FIRST APPEARANCE AS A PREACHER Acts –25; Gal ; 2 Cor , 33 A PROFOUND and permanent change had suddenly passed over Saul in the immediate vicinity of Damascus. He had hoped to make the old Syrian capital the field of new triumphs, as he beat down the rising faith, and punished with merciless rigour the adherents of Jesus of Nazareth. BEFORE FESTUS AND AGRIPPA - Acts –27; 26:1–32 XVII. The brightness of the vision had dazzled him into blindness, and with a smitten heart and faltering step he was led by his companions through the gate into the city. Bartholomew, had he avowed himself a protestant, and, lowering his sceptre, besought their forgiveness and fellowship; what Laud would have been to a secret assembly of Puritans, had he owned himself a convert, and flinging his mitre to the ground, asked with tears to be admitted to their communion; what Claverhouse would have been to a nocturnal meeting of Covenanters, had he suddenly burst in among them, protesting that now he was one of them, and claiming, as he tossed his sword from him, their commiseration and prayers—that must Paul have been to the disciples at Antioch. Still unrelieved of all his astonishment, and, perhaps, scarcely able at times to believe or realize the change which had come over him, Saul “was certain days with the disciples which were at Damascus.” What mingled sensations must have been felt on both sides—a wolf among the flock; he, scarcely able to identify himself in the midst of the new associates whom he had travelled all the way from Jerusalem to devour; and they with difficulty regarding him as a brother, at whose threatened approach they had been so terrified. would have been to a trembling company of Huguenots after the blood and panic of St.

Though I have endeavoured to realize the more striking scenes in the apostle’s travels, and reproduce my impressions of them, still the labour has been almost wholly expended on the addresses themselves, and this volume, therefore, differs in contents and purpose as well from the excellent volumes of Lewin, Coneybeare and Howson, as from those of others of secondary note who have made a prey of these distinguished authors. No doubt they were stunned; and some might mutter in their rage and wonder—“The earth and all the inhabitants thereof are dissolved, we bear up the pillars of it.” Who could have dreamed that one so deeply committed as Saul; one so high in confidence, and who had lived but to suppress the infant religion; one who had volunteered to go on such an errand, so fully equipped with credentials, ay, and so sharply goaded on by his own zeal and fury—who could ever have dreamed that he, of all men, should waver, far less apostatize?

Where now the terror produced by the well-known project “to bind all that call on Thy name?

The whole scene was so strange, that they must have been somewhat bewildered, while “they rejoiced for the deliverance.” Where were now the letters and the commission from the inquisitors in Jerusalem?

Cyril Barber - This companion volume to Steir's The Words of the Risen Saviour and Words of the Apostles deals with the messages of the apostle Paul in the book of Acts. (The Minister's Library - Volume 2) PREFACE THE following pages are simply what they profess to be in the title—neither a life of Paul, nor a commentary on the “Acts,” but an honest and hearty attempt to explain and apply in a popular and practical shape to the common reader, the spoken words of the apostle. But no tidings came—no roll of persons arraigned, imprisoned, or tortured. Probably flying rumours preceded—strange whispers, the origin of which could not be traced; and yet each member of the Sanhedrim might, in his perplexity, be asking his neighbour if he had heard them.

Spurgeon said Eadie's work was "designed to give ordinary readers a juster and fuller conception of the doctrine and life-work of the apostle:' Recommended. The business was felt to be safe in the experienced hands of him of Tarsus.

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“Light is sweet,” and ere the scales had fallen from his eyes, his inner vision had been blessed with a glimpse of the truth—“the light of the glorious gospel of Christ” had shined in his heart.

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