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She quit the show after the sixth season and eventually stopped competing in dance shows; however, she has participated in tours organized by the show's producers and also acted as a judge.

She worked as a model during her early life in Denmark and had trained as an estate agent as well, before relocating to Britain.

She teams up with Brendan again on Saturday night for the first-ever Eurovision Dance Contest, on BBC1 at 9pm. It’ll be similar to the Eurovision Song Contest and there are 16 countries involved. The people on the show will have done their own version of Strictly Come Dancing in their own countries. That’s not a nice way of putting it but David Dickinson needed a lot of time.

You’ll see professionals dancing together, amateurs dancing together and maybe even a professional dancing with a celebrity. There will be highly qualified couples from each country. The first they choose themselves and the second should reflect their country, such as a Greek dance – a song that represents the country. We’re not sure if people watching in Europe would vote for that. This will be a serious and quite cool version of Eurovision. Yes, it’s going to be a celebration of the eight years we had together and we’re going to put all our experiences and emotions into the rumba. Ray [Fearon] was the best dancer but he didn’t have a long journey.

She is best known for her appearance on the BBC television series 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

She competed on the show for the first six seasons and became the winner of the sixth season along with her dance partner actor Tom Chambers.

She is currently leading a quiet life as a life coach and meditation teacher in Los Angeles.

She is married to 'Hollyoaks' actor, Kevin Sacre, and is considering adopting a child together.

Obviously, a dancer’s life isn’t forever and I’d like to continue to perform in some way. It’s difficult to tell; you have to listen to what your body is telling you. When I was 15 years old in Denmark, I got a ‘modelling’ job.

James [Martin] didn’t know anything about dancing but he had a fantastic journey and ended up being able to waltz and foxtrot at the end.

No, I have all my stage clothes made for me in Surrey. I’d like to see if he could dance as well as he plays football. Cooking’s a struggle for me; I still burn things. I felt very proud when I had to hold the British flag up for the pictures for this contest. I’ve just had my first acting role, which was in Basil Brush.

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