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Apparently they had been living apart since early summer of 2013, about six months by the time the news got out.

Her marriage to Shane Dreary, who is a carpenter, has always been very private.

Their reps didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment.

In early December, Russell’s publicist confirmed her marriage to Deary — with whom she has son River, 6, and daughter Willa, nearly 2 — was over, telling People, “They have been separated since early summer.

Multiple sources tell Page Six that Russell — who announced earlier this month that she and her husband Shane Deary have split after seven years of marriage — has been spotted “looking affectionate” with handsome Welsh-born actor Rhys, her on-screen husband on the hit FX show.

Keri then issued a statement saying that they had been separated and that her ex-husband had moved out in early summer. Whilst Keri is not a celebrity, but a reasonably well-known actress, it is a rare occurrence that she was able to keep her private life, especially a break-up, secret for such a long time.They were so touchy-feely, drinking and laughing.” Another source tells us that Russell and Rhys have become such close friends they have spent time with their respective families. Somebody – one of you, I’m sure – claimed he was gay. Or is he just a fun Welsh bachelor who has a lady in every port?Russell, 37, and Rhys, 39, are currently in New York filming Season 2 of “The Americans,” in which they star as Soviet KGB agents posing as a married couple. Is he a gay dude helping his lady friend and coworker through a difficult time in her life or is he “the reason” his lady friend is getting a divorce? Many of my friends now have wives and kids, and they find juggling the two incredibly hard.” And he said in a 2012 interview, “My mother’s despairing. In the last year-and-a-half I haven’t been in the same place for more than six months .

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