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Thank you for a truly wonderful buying experience and the best kitten ever. I had the kitty shipped to Chicago and he arrived safe and sound. We adopted our scottish fold from Vera, she is one of the best cats we have ever owned. He meets every situation with a happy purr, and had a perfect bill of health at the vet as well. He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever met. We weren't sure at first about getting an adult, born 6/13/13, but she is perfect. It was defenately worth the wait :) We are very happy he joined with us this summer. Garfield is super active, playful, loving and he wanna eat and try everything :) Pure joy for us. I was really happy with Vera's communication and honest. Hope you and your cats are okay during the hurricane! He settled in perfectly and is so charming that everyone he meets is in love with him. I'm not serious, but why would you ask such a question, the ears are like that when they are born, they didn't "get" the ears to look like that, it's naturally occurring I got this amazing Scottish fold kitten from Vera, want to say thanks, he has a VERY good personality, he's very healthy and happy, loved been pet, so playful and cute, Thank you again for bringing him to me My boyfriend and I adopted our Scottish Fold, Mr. It has truly been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Hi Vera and Andrei, Thank you very much for a beautiful and super cute Scottish fold kitten! My husband said I could have another one of your cats for Christmas!!! I am in love with Absolu Lily and the lighter female on the adult page DOB 7/22/13. Could you tell me where you are located as I would want to drive or meet to pick up. We also have a few locations that we will stop at on a regular basis so check the blog to see when we'll be parked near you. We know there are some people out there that have never had the privilege of devouring a warm, sweet and loving crepe and enjoyed the gluttonous delight that it brings. We at Cooper's Crepes are looking forward to serving you ! We will match you with a well-trained horse who knows the trails and responds to your commands. No problem—beginners are provided with a few minutes of instruction in a training ring before we start on the trail. Accepted payment types include cash and personal checks, but no credit cards.

Can't thank you enough for our wonderful little guy. I'm not serious, but why would you ask such a question, the ears are like that when they are born, they didn't "get" the ears to look like that, it's naturally occurring Lol they cut the ears when they are newborns so they fold.....

Over the centuries, the monastery of Mar Behnam amassed various Syriac and Arabic manuscripts, as well as books recording the names of royal and other historically important visitors.

During the Islamic State’s more than two-year occupation of Mār-Behnam, there was great concern about the fate of these precious documents.

Stretching over 45 acres, our scenic riding trails wind through quiet woodlands, a shallow creek, and open fields and hills. We emphasize a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for horse and rider. There’s no specific dress requirement, but here are a few suggestions: Trail Rides at Black Horse Run Rides are available year-round and vary in length, usually from 1 to 2 hours. Please contact us to make reservations or to request more information. Group Discounts: 4-6 riders discount/rider, 7-10 riders discount/rider.

Every ride is unique, following a slightly different route to provide variety and spontaneity for horses and riders. We can pick up the pace occasionally based on the experience and comfort of the riders. Trail Riding Trips We occasionally lead trail rides and camping trips to mountains, campgrounds, and national parks in and out of state.

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