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View Demo For novice users let me explain what this article is all about. You have multiple employee each has their specific roles.i.e some person are responsible for feeding data (Data Operator), some are responsible for customer support and some for sales.Class With Properties, since PHP lacks multiple inheritance. we could write a private method to do that, also, but then again, we'll have MANY methods declared ( memory) that end up calling another, always the same, method. Programming languages are just that: human artificial languages.In contrast, Python new style classes gives you property(), which lets you explicitly define all your properties. So, each of them has its own intonation or accent, syntax and flavor, so I won't pretend to write a Ruby or Python code using the same "accent" than Java or C#, nor I would write a Java Script or PHP to resemble Perl or SQL... I made an experiment using the magic method __call. code, but for debugging-works and many other thinks it is the better, clear way.Instead, it's easier to make the member variable protected or private (in order to make the setter the only access point) and to validate in the setter because then you'll know that the object contains a valid birth date no matter which part of the application the object came from and if you want to add more validation then you can add it in a single place.You might want to add multiple formatters that operate on the same member variable i.e. getters and setters are also useful when you extend objects.

Preference: Personally, as my rule of thumb, I take the failure of static code analysis as a sign to avoid going down the magical road as long as obvious long-term benefits elude me at that time. For instance that , which requires a width function, likely takes a measurement of the object's instance width. Anyway: once all this magic setters and getters are done, I write the other setters that are too specific or "special" to be generalized in a __set() method.

For example, consider the following simple class that contains a birth date.

And you don't want to do this validation all over your application (or over multiple applications for that matter).

In dynamically typed languages, like PHP, it is especially useful because there is little ways to ensure a property is of a specific type without using setters. Magic allows us lazy programmers to do more with less code at a time at which we are actively engaged in a project and know it intimately, but usually at the expense of readability.

Performance Every unnecessary function, that results from forcing a getter/setter-like code-architecture in PHP, involves its own memory stack-frame upon invocation and is wasting CPU cycles.

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