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Here’s a quick example: My Share Point site root url is, but all of my files are actually in another site that starts with URL.In order to use the correct URL, we need to be in the folder of the data that we’re trying to get and check the url that our browser shows.Analysts could interactively explore, change and manipulate the data and immediately see results.Wrangler tracked the user’s data transformations and could then automatically generate code or scripts that could be applied repeatedly on other datasets.In this specific case, we have an Office 365 group that we’ve created where we store some external sales data that do not come from our system.These files are provided by a 3 party in order to give us a better understanding of the whole market and how well some products are doing on each market.

The "wrangler" non-technical term is often said to derive from work done by the United States Library of Congress's National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and their program partner the Emory University Libraries based Meta Archive Partnership.One of the earliest business mentions of data wrangling was in an article in Byte Magazine in 1997 (Volume 22 issue 4) referencing “Perl’s data wrangling services”.In 2001 it was reported that CNN hired “a dozen data wranglers” to help track down information for news stories.The recipients could be individuals, such as data architects or data scientists who will investigate the data further, business users who will consume the data directly in reports, or systems that will further process the data and write it into targets such as data warehouses, data lakes or downstream applications.Depending on the amount and format of the incoming data, data wrangling has traditionally been performed manually (e.g.

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All of the files have the same structure, but different sheet names – all of the files only have 1 sheet and all of them have the same headers, but in a real case scenario the Power BI desktop and the process described here will work if you don’t have the same headers on all of the files.

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