Consolidating two itunes folders

If you only need to keep your music and video files in one location, having the duplicates may be excessive and thus consolidating may or may not be a good solution for you.

Deleting the original files after consolidating or simply moving all music or video to one or two files may be a better solution in some cases.

One reason for copying or exporting your i Tunes library is if you want all your songs, audiobooks, ringtones, etc., to be on a hard drive with more free space, like an external hard drive.

Or maybe you want to put them in your Dropbox folder or a folder that gets backed up online.

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The disadvantage to consolidating only becomes a problem when you have limited storage space.

The library is thus a list of references to locations on either your hard drive or another computer (if you are part of a local network). Whether you are creating an i Tunes library from one computer or various computers in a network, you likely do not have all of your music and video files in one location.Again, much like the subcrates folder, this folder shouldn’t exist in the new _Serato_ just yet so you’ll need to make sure you move the folder as well. XML files) for custom mappings of Serato DJ hardware & third party devices, if you’ve mapped these on another computer you will need to copy these across to maintain your mapping files. Garrick Chow begins the course with a tour of the i Tunes interface and then explains how to import media, manage the library, create and manage playlists, enable home sharing and sharing over a network, make purchases from the i Tunes Store, and more.Super Sync's unique library viewer lets you see two libraries at the same time.At a glance, you can tell if a track is in your local library, the remote library, or synchronized and in both libraries by looking at the track color. With Super Sync, there's no more guessing which music files you have on one computer or another.

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