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Sam filled him in on what the kids had done, of his tentative plans for Sara’s punishment and of Jim’s offer to accept the same punishment from Sam.Jim’s father immediately agreed that this was one case where Jim could have exactly what he wanted.” Jim said “yes” and confessed that when he got a spanking at school, he could expect one at home also, and this might be the same deal.

Jan had heard Ben, her older brother, get punished with the belt a very few times and it made enough of an impression on her that she had managed to avoid it herself.With a sigh of relief, Sam noted that their clothing was still in good order, and little could have happened in this brightly lit, public place.As Sam opened the car door to wake the couple, he immediately noted the unmistakable odor of alcohol. He shook both of the kids awake, locked Jim’s father’s car, pocketed the keys, and drove both of them back to his house to sort things out.“I am so sorry mommy” Sara blubbered into her mother’s shoulder.“I am also sorry honey, but we all have our jobs cut out for us tonight, your father and I have to do our parental duties toward you and you have some serious growing up to do tonight” Jan continued, “Suppose you start tonight’s growing up process by suggesting what your punishment should be? Just as Jan was about to demand an answer, Sara spoke in a tiny voice; “the belt?

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” Jim said that he would stay and “face the music.” Sam turned to Jan and suggested that she go upstairs and check on Sara while he talked further with Jim.

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