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So do you think I'm feeling regret due to we just broke up?

And also we were talking about down the road like I was saying stuff like maybe we just need a break and we were not ready to date. Yes I like having a long relationship but I also like being single and free just in case something does happen.

You are young, you should be out exploring the world, not deciding if you are going to spend your life with someone. When all your doubts are gone and you feel ready, you will meet someone you'll want to be with, no rush. And the reason I brought up the age was because to me at that time 2 yrs is a big difference and I felt like she was so young for me and I'm really mature for a 16 yr old guy. So now we talk and hug when we see each other but now I'm starting to feel like it was a mistake breaking up with her!

I mean it was only a month relationship and I'm not going to say I was in love with her but I did feel close to her.

I mean I'm not really regretting asking out my current girlfriend just I think things would be better cause if I did happen to take my ex back it wouldn't matter cause I know my ex wants me back badly!

And then she starts txting me cause she kept my number so I'm like all right. I tell her I connect with her really well blah blah blah and so forth!

I feel like breaking it off with my current girlfriend and ignoring my ex and just doing my own thing.

I always liked long relationships but I don't want one that is too long if you get what I'm saying. I want to date someone for awhile to feel what love is and stuff but I don't want to spend my life with that person quite yet!

So please no comments about rape mainly just is it weird?

OK I haven't spoken to my ex in 8 months due to a bad break up.

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