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And then when that shining, glorious day comes, maybe, just maybe you guys can bang. He's waiting for the weather to be exactly 68 degrees and sunny with a chance of a hail storm.

When I write dating tips and relationship advice for a new mode, I am writing to a female audience.Bristol's home-grown and anonymous graffiti artist Banksy is known all across the world for his satirical, anti-establishment and thought-provoking street art.Several pieces remain in various locations around Bristol, so you can see his amazing work first hand.Remember that tacos are messy, and salads look weird when entering your mouth. If you’re really into sports or movies, make absolute sure your date enjoys them, too.And if you do plan a movie date, make sure there’s a plan for afterwards—dates where you only talk for five minutes aren’t really that fun. You’ve decided you want to spend at least 90 more minutes with somebody. You still shouldn’t sit through a whole dinner at a grown-up restaurant.

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