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It can be difficult to date someone with depression.“Depression can be unpredictable, so many times you cannot plan things for yourself and your partner, as you are not sure what their level of depression will be,” says Nikki Martinez, a psychologist and licensed clinical professional counselor.

Don’t judge your partner: Depression isn’t a situation someone puts himself or herself in. It’s not a moral failing or personality defect,” says dating coach Jonathan Bennett.It’s an illness caused by a complex interplay of social, psychological and biological factors. “So, if you’re dating someone with depression, don’t assume the person is just ‘negative’ or ‘a downer.’ Your partner might be clinically depressed and needs help.” 2.Don’t offer therapy: Many people think they can “fix” their partner’s depression.It’s also important to take care of yourself as you help your partner deal with their mental illness.So, make sure you spend plenty of time with your friends and family.

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You shouldn’t hesitate from seeking therapy if you feel you are unable to cope with a partner’s mental illness.

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