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All are welcome and if you have an interest in Descoware– toss your two cents in. A few years ago, I wrote about one of my favorite tools in the kitchen: my Martha Stewart 5.5-quart enameled dutch oven.Since then, I have used it on a weekly basis, making countless soups, stews, braises and the occasional loaf of no-knead bread.It has taken some hits — there are quite a few chips around the rim and on the handles — but the interior is still scratch-free.In the 1950s and early 1960s, Cameron Clay Products of Cameron West Virginia produced several lines of kitchenware.The first, "Royal Cuisine", was made up of simple round shapes and glazed in various two-tone colors.

There were no wedding registries in my immediate future, or great-aunts wanting to bequeath me their Le Creuset collection, or extravagant gift-giving friends.

Both are fairly easy to implement and work well, but do require the acquisition and assembly of some supplies and equipment, as well as the observation of some basic safety protocols.

But you may also be quite successful using just a few commonly available household items, which we'll cover as well.

"Crud" can be thought of as a generic term for any cooking build-up on a pan you didn't put there yourself. Or maybe the difference between the two is seasoning is what's left behind after cooking and washing, and crud is what's on those pans that look like they were never taken off the stove burner.

Crud can be good, though, for it shields those old pans that have been laying around in the basement or out in a barn for years against rust to a good degree.

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