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I'm proud of what I've overcome, and my life is refreshingly "normal," but dating is still a careful dance.

One guy told me that his mother had died of cancer, and the next day we nodded at each other awkwardly across the cafeteria. Like most of my friends, I waited until after college to start dating more seriously in New York City.Many of us have been through those times when we feel tired, achy, and afraid to look in the mirror.I've found it's important to give yourself and your body the permission to rest when you need it, and not to beat yourself up about it when you do.It was important to me to tell them what happened, to help them understand why I tried to squeeze as much as I could into each day.But once it was out in the open, we needed to be able to move beyond it so that they could know me as a person. I felt a lump on my neck the summer after my freshman year, which turned out to be non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (diffuse Large B-Cell).

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At the same time, if you're thinking about dating during and after treatment, don't let cancer hold you back.

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  1. He will not only put up with my wacky moods, but he may even think they are cute, (even if he won’t admit it.) The man I would like to meet is confident and self-assured, but isn’t cocky with an over-inflated ego.