Dating ideas for teenagers at night

Instead of blowing wads of cash on something completely forgettable, he or she could instead be original and make a big splash with just a few bucks. Has your teen ever planned an original date without spending a lot of cash? Unfortunately for teens, date nights are often limited to watching a movie on their parents' couch.But plenty of museums offer special admission prices during “off” days.See if going on a non-weekend day helps relieve price pressure.If more than one couple is planning to head out for a date, nothing gets a group going like karaoke.Since underage teens are banned from karaoke bars, you can set up your own basement for a singing competition.Luckily, what your teen lacks in funds, he or she probably makes up for in a willingness to impress.In fact, an empty wallet might really be an opportunity to impress a date with something other than movies and popcorn.

You can also check your community or city for free museums.

Instead of just hitting the movie theater, my date had planned stops for a number of different activities in the same area.

We started at the golf course and hit a few balls, and then went and played laser tag before grabbing some eats.

Near my home, we have a local natural history museum that only asks for a voluntary donation in lieu of an admission fee.

A museum date is cheap and gives teens plenty to talk about, which makes for fewer awkward pauses.

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Or, he or she could pick any number of the other date ideas and stack them for a date that keeps the action moving.

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