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Some Egyptians go out for the night with their families, while others go out with their friends.

For foreigners, it's fine to go out with your same age group of friends.

Stella is the most popular local beer in Egypt, and it goes for about 15 – 30 LE (.51 – .02) per large bottle.

If gambling is your thing, Egypt has plenty of large-scale casinos, resort casinos, and hotel casinos around the country.

Abortion is illegal in Egypt, but it is still common.

Emergency contraceptives are not available at normal pharmacies.

Some tours include dinner and a belly dancing show.

Note that there are some clubs in Egypt that will only allow couples to enter, not singles.

There are also some neighborhood coffee shops that prefer only males to enter.

I don't begin to know all the complications of a woman dating an Egyptian man, but I know that many local men are happy and eager to talk to females.

Just as for dating people in any part of the world, I would recommend doing some research and reading about cultural and background issues before getting into a deep relationship.

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