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We waited within bloodless veins, faithful to that which we could not know - unable to imagine that we might become their greater. [heavily stained; paragraph illegible] The swineherd prostrated himself before the Sorcerer-King and asked, "Great Sorcerer-King and Ozi̮rmok, Heart of Man and Light of Lights. We fear the red lanterns that dance without harmony; our spirit-guides warn of ill omens." And Ion did assure the man, "I have gazed upon the Faceless Ones, servitors of His Undulating Vastness.Their chief is blind - castrated by our words and will.Only four were found to be written in Hittite Cuneiform while the rest remain undecipherable.Of those four, three are considered to be of a spiritual/philosophical nature while one appears to be an inventory report.

Large sphincters appear to have served as doors and are permanently relaxed.He sings songs of anarchy but they will not come again.These terrible spirits do not deserve our love; render unto them no sacrifice until the stars have aligned." And to his flock, Ion thus spoke: "I have stepped beyond the Floe of Dreams; stood before the Old Ones within their own desolate domain.Item #: SCP-2095 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: Reliquary Site-26 was constructed around SCP-2095, preventing access and enclosing it from view.Site-26 has been disguised as a weather observatory and agents within the Greek government are to ensure that the site is publicly viewed as such.

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Description: SCP-2095 is a primarily subterranean temple complex located at Gyaros, an arid and uninhabited Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

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  1. Our relationship has moved along very fast, we have had a few issues which have resulted in us being closer than before, or taking one step back in order to figure things out or gain back what was once given....