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A general lesson from video games, reported by many gamers themselves, is that persistence pays off.If you keep trying, using various strategies, you will eventually succeed in meeting your goal within the game.To date there has been little research into possible links of video gaming to creativity.An exception is a study by Linda Jackson and her colleagues (2012) in Michigan, in which the participants were 491 12-year-old children.Both correlational and longitudinal research have indicated that play at these games improves general problem-solving ability and may even result in higher academic grades (see Granic et al, 2014).

The primary finding was that those who played video games for 5 hours a week or more evidenced significantly higher intellectual functioning, higher academic achievement, better peer relationships, and fewer mental health difficulties than those who played such games less or not at all.

If you believe the scare articles in the media, you might believe that the rise of video gaming is a cause of declines in psychological health, but, as I have suggested elsewhere (e.g. Video gaming may in fact be an ameliorating factor, helping to counteract the harmful effects of the loss of other forms of play.

If video gaming worsens psychological wellbeing, then we should expect to find more mental health and social problems in video gamers than in otherwise similar people who are not gamers.

They found significant positive correlations between amount of time playing video games and every aspect of creativity measured by Torrance’s Tests, which for some aspects were quite large and which held regardless of the child’s gender or race.

In contrast, they found no significant correlations between creativity and non-gaming computer use.

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Over time, these games have become increasingly varied, complex, creative, and social.

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