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Some years ago a person who I met at one of my history talks explained how they had found a cannon ball on Parlington Lane, but with the fictitious battles organised by the old Colonel, and knowing that he had his own cannon, as were sold in the sale of 1905, I can't say I'm surprised.

An exhibition at Lotherton Hall from 22nd March 2013 - 31st January 2014 subject: is one of a series organised at historic houses throughout the region in association with the Yorkshire Country House Partnership.

Often in the past, such a windfall, [Pun intended] becomes the focus of attention, and care of the adjoining man made structures has been ignored, witness the lost gateposts by the Gamekeeper's Cottage! For more information on the folly and the former lake, go here in the Estate Section.

Some items of information get lost amongst the larger articles, so I am adding these of information to the home page with links where appropriate.

It seems that from the 1860's right through until 1916, Parlington was the home of many army manoeuvres, over fifty years in fact.

You wouldn't know it today if you were to stroll through the estate.

Fortunately, as if the Gascoignes' themselves were watching over the structure, the fallen trunk and branches have collapsed between the two remaining sections of masonry, so although I'm sure the ground must have been shaken badly nothing is apparently any the worse for wear to the remaining walls.

The significance of the arch is that it is, where it is!!I hope this never happens, there are plenty of places which would be better suited to a new town.Destroying Parlington to achieve a new settlement is clearly the final realisation of the original purchase of the estate in 1964!I have contributed some of my findings concerning the military and Parlington, along with some photographs and the cuttings from Victorian newspapers recording the numerous army manoeuvres devised by Colonel Frederick Charles Trench-Gascoigne.Discover more about the exhibition on the Lotherton Hall web site, to save you having to mine down into the depths of the site, here is a direct link.

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