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By the time Mapes and three other producers were ousted by CBS, the Bush National Guard story was dead and buried, with Rather’s reputation as the tombstone.Eight years later, Bush is back in Texas, keeping a low profile and building his presidential library.I’ve been reporting this story since it first broke, and today there is more cooperation and willingness to speak on the record than ever before. Beyond the haze of elaborately revised fictions from both the political left and the political right is a bizarre account that has remained, until now, the great untold story of modern Texas politics.For 36 years, it made its way through the swamps of state government as it led up to the collision between two powerful Texans on the national stage.It’s the epic story of the hustling correspondent from Wharton who reported the death of President John F.Kennedy as a young CBS correspondent, who brought Vietnam into American living rooms, who stood toe-to-toe with Richard Nixon during Watergate, and who nudged aside Walter Cronkite to become one of the most trusted and iconic voices of his day.Nonetheless, he remains convinced that he did nothing wrong.“I believed at the time that the documents were genuine,” Rather says, “and I’ve never ceased believing that they are genuine.” This is nearly impossible to know.

ere it is, on a coat hook in midtown Manhattan: the Army-issue green shirt, with “CBS NEWS” written in white letters on the ID tag, that Dan Rather wore in 1966 while hunkered down in rice paddies along the Cambodian border.“They have never denied the bulwark of the story, the spine of the story, the thrust of the story.” (In fact, Bush officials have indeed denied it, repeatedly.In a conversation I had with former White House director of communications Dan Bartlett in 2007, he told me, “We believe the story is inaccurate, both the general thrust of it and the questionable sources they used.”) Rather tried making his case in a 2007 lawsuit against his former bosses, but it was thrown out of court two years later.Its claims were potentially explosive—that Bush had received preferential treatment to enter the National Guard in 1968 in order to avoid the Vietnam draft and that he had then shirked his duty without repercussion.As evidence, Rather produced six documents that described the alleged political pressure Bush’s commanding officer was under to “sugarcoat” possibly embarrassing moments in Bush’s record, specifically his failure to show up for a flight physical and his loss of flight status.

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And by the time it was over, no one—not Dan Rather, not George W. It was the 1988 presidential campaign of Bush’s father that first raised the issue of a privileged son from Texas getting special access to the National Guard—only the privileged son wasn’t a Bush.

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