Dating someone with the same birthday as you

I'll have to make it to 70 which is possible but my son was born in 2000 so he will have be 100!

It was a class of about 30 students and the professor bet that at least two of us shared the same birthday.Many people are surprised to find that if you repeat this calculation with a group of 23 people you’ll still have a 50% chance that at least two people were born on the same day.That’s a relatively small group of people considering that there are 365 possible birthdays!would equal the product of all descending integers from 365 down to 1. This computes to 0.294 or 29.4% chance no one in the class has the same birthday.We only want the product of the integers from 365 to 336, so we’ll divide out the extraneous numbers by dividing 365! Of course, we want the complement so we’ll subtract it from 1 to find the probability that at least 2 people in a group of 30 share the same day of birth.

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Turns out it was a pretty safe bet for our professor!

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