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For example, with α-particle therapy, the mean dose to any macroscopic target volume may not predict overall biologic effect (i.e., some cells may receive no dose, whereas others receive a high dose), such that total effective dose depends on the spatial distribution of activity relative to the target cell population.

Current dosimetry methods associated with and appropriate to radioimmunotherapy, for example, are often model-based methods for risk evaluation.

"No, it's not from The Onion" has become a pre-cursor to any funny or otherwise bizarre news story mentioned on a blog or uttered on the nightly news.

This fake newspaper has defined cutting-edge comedy for more than two decades.

Since then, Funny or Die has gone on to become one of the most frequented humor sites on the Web, thanks to a strong current of high-profile content and a rating system that lets users declare videos funny or dead. Considering how many TV networks back this site with the latest broadcast TV, available only hours after a show airs, perhaps it is.

The addition of the -a-month Hulu Plus plan also provides you with access to older episodes, classic shows, and some movies, as well. Co-founded by Squid Labs Saul Griffith, Instructables is one of the Web's best resources for do-it-yourself projects.

com If you've only Googled, it's time you spent a day with Bing. Free or paid, individual or business, Box (which used to go by is the site to check out for using the cloud (read: the Internet) to store your stuff, secure your stuff, and share stuff with others. If you need to send someone a huge file or files (that amount to less than 100MB), drop it or them on

The key to this site, if you didn't gather it from the name, is recipes, of course.

We loved Tiny Chat last year because it had a quick-and-dirty way of setting up instant Web-based group chat. Now, if you've got cameras all around, up to 12 people can simultaneously broadcast to the group, as well.

mail.Anyone with a Yahoo account has access to this free Web-based e-mail service, which is one of our favorites.

Yahoo's picture storage and sharing site remains a favorite due to its ease of use and easy uploading via multiple methods.

The recent updates to the interface, such as adding photos to a map, make it even more useful. docs.Do you still rely on desktop-based apps (read: Microsoft Office) for all of your word processing and spreadsheet needs? Google Docs and Spreadsheets brings a full-featured office suite experience to your browser, with the sort of dynamic experience we've all come to expect from Google. If you need help managing your finances, give a try.

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