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I have found that a way to improve one of my complicated queries was to first create a table and then query the table. Robert This course will help prep you to earn the Comp TIA Healthcare IT Technician certification showing that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in installing, managing, and troubleshooting IT systems in medical and clinical settings.

I will usually run large datasets through the UDF portion of the program as a recordset first, creating new "summary" records as I go.

I have been on a campaign lasting two years to get all the DWhatever functions OUT of my applications.

We wouldn't be having this conversation, you would still be waiting for the query to finish.

I have found like, rgcole that porting data out to a "working" table, filtering out records that will not meet final conditions and "condensing" the recordset to a workable set of records that will run quickly even with the DJunk functions in use.

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I find them to be inefficiently and costly in terms of run-times. This web site has some very efficiently replacements for them.

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