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"And all this time I didn't know who was going to show up at my door, or what they were expecting."Plenty of Fish didn't care, the police couldn't do anything - I felt all alone and terrified."My boyfriend at the time actually broke up with me about it all, because it created so much distrust and I'd never been on the dating app before." Eventually, the fake profile was taken down - but only when Miss Davis herself created a blank Plenty of Fish account to report the offending one.Responding to Miss Davis' story, a Plenty of Fish spokeswoman said: "We take our users' security and privacy very seriously and are committed to protecting their personal and financial information.Miss Rowe told The Sun Online: "We first began chatting on Tinder, and that moved onto Whats App."After a while we met up and grew into what felt like a very deep and serious relationship.

There is no phone number to call them on other than one in the United States and that went right to a voicemail.

Among the police forces who did not respond are major city forces such as The Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police - so the figure is in fact significantly higher.

And the new statistics also do not include the murders Britain has seen which are linked to dating apps, given that all police forces did not respond, or the different ways in which forces record crimes.

However when she alerted officers to what had happened, they told her he had not committed any crime.

She added: "If I knew he was married, I would not have slept with him - I would not even have talked to him.

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