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And I think the course of our relationship is just due to evolution. — In the moments on the studio set while waiting out commercial breaks, or in the car on the way home from school drop-off or heading to pickup, Derek Fisher has time for some perspective.He remains open to coaching in the future, but he's open to other life paths as well.

The energy surging inside him, encouraging him to build something big and bold The idea of energizing the city he'd grown to love from all his time spent in New York as president of the players union.The advice from proven NBA coaches to jump at a job where the guy in charge truly has your back. June 2014 was essentially the first time in his life that Fisher, who could've continued playing or pursued opportunities in a front office or the business world or broadcasting, was choosing a job."When we're young, sometimes we're quick to go after the first or the newest or the shiniest opportunity that is in front of us, because we don't quite know any better," Fisher said of the Knicks."The prettiest girl, the shiniest car, the best-looking house. Fisher never felt that close to Jackson in New York.It has always been one of his gifts, to take situations and put them in a context that makes sense to people—teammates, reporters, fans, even Phil Jackson.With one set of particularly wise words, Fisher actually got Andrew Bynum early in his career to start saving his money.

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