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"Hey, dude I just met, check out this great pair of tits! Brett: Once we eventually arrived at the party, I was relieved just to see land again after the bus trek, so I was in pretty good spirits.

(Once in the app, you can even further specify if you want the education level of your matches to be "highly selective" or merely "selective.") The ideal user is smart, ambitious, and successful, according to the app's website.

On July 31, The League held an exclusive party at the Surf Lodge hotel in Montauk, New York, promising great cocktails and an even better sunset.

This was especially due to the fact that every guy around me looked like the kind of dude that picked on me for not being so great at kickball in middle school.

There were mimosas, bottles of rosé, vodka cocktails, and more.

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  1. Despite spending years angry, I now accept what happened because I can acknowledge the following: if somebody leaves their previous partner for you, it's stupid to think they won't do the same thing again when they tire of you.