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The amounts stated in the CCTDs correspond to the purchase cost of the machineries and equipment that co-petitioner Basilio Ambito bought from PSI as evidenced by the Sales Invoices presented during the trial.It is uncontroverted that PSI did not apply for and secure loans from RBBI and RBLI.CROSSED CHECK: Yong may 2 parallel slant lines sa left top corner ng check.This means this check CAN NOT BE ENCASHED over the counter.In the absence of such requisite, any subsequent act of the accused, however fraudulent and suspicious it might appear, cannot serve as basis for prosecution for estafa under the said provision.

(d) That as a result thereof, the offended party suffered damage.Ide-deposit siya to the account of the person whose name is on the check.OPEN CHECK or UNCROSSED CHECK: Walang 2 parallel slant lines, at walang FOR DEPOSIT ONLY or FOR PAYEE ACCOUNT ONLY.Usually, car dealers, real estate developers, housing loan providers, and rental property owners require post-dated checks.Ask these people if you have the option, in case of some problems in the future, to notify them and request for a grace period before they deposit the check, so you can avoid the costly penalties.

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