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Remember, you do not have to DO any of the physical work yourself; you are responsible for LEADING others in carrying out the project and ensuring that everything is done the way you want it (i.e. If they hedge by saying, "I'll try to be there," (which often implies they do not really want to help, but are reluctant to tell you so) remind them about how important this is and how much you really need them While the adult leaders who are present during your project will step up to handle any real emergency, you as the project leader should prepare for the overall safety of your workers in your project plan. 4) states: Two registered adult leaders, or one registered adult and a parent of a participating Scout, one of who must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips or outings.As stated in the BSA Project Workbook, the real purpose of the Eagle Project is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate leadership of others.Summarize the actual costs, the tools used (and tools needed that you did not have), what objectives were accomplished or not accomplished (and why not), how your workers performed their tasks, how you handled any major problems, and anything else of interest (both positive or negative).The simplest way to show this information is to include an updated version of the Materials / Supplies Table from the original plan, with all changes annotated (possibly in a Remarks column replacing the Source column).

Discuss your coordination meetings with the agency to include dates you have met or talked on the phone, who was present, and exactly what they agreed to provide to you and what you agreed to do for them.

It is also available from Scouting Forms from the National Council -

While not required as part of your Eagle project plan or final report, you will soon need the Eagle Scout Rank Application, so you may want to download a copy of it while you are at the BSA forms website.

If there is any doubt about your idea being a valid project, you or a troop leader should contact the Council or District Advancement Committee and get their buy-in before spending a lot of time planning a project they will not accept.

* Built 3 newspaper recycling boxes for an elementary school * Built 2 camp chuck boxes for a Girl Scout Troop * Repaired and painted the playground at the church * Landscaped the church grounds, including shrubs, ground cover, and edging * Repaired fencing and outdoor facilities at a church sponsored nursing * home and organized a social function for the residents * Built a foot bridge in an Arlington city park * Repaired the church sign and re-landscaped around it.

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