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The funny thing was, I actually had better times and conversations with the ones I knew there wasn't going to be anything with than I did with the ones I was hoping I would click with. I really just don't want to go out for the sake of going out anymore. Dating from the internet is almost as bad as a blind date, even if you've spoken to the person on the phone. Unless they have an absolute deal breaker in their profile - like hates pets, or only here for sex LOL - how would I know whether we would suit each other or not?And since I'm really not into the internet anymore as a means of meeting somebody, I'm not likely soon to even ask anybody out for a 'date', even if she has the most awesome profile I've ever read. The date is always different once you see them in person and go out with them. I checked my ESP at the door when I joined POF, and I need to get to know people before I can say whether we would suit each other or not. I'm in this questionable place (POF) for a couple of different reasons.After awhile though, I wanted to start meeting somebody that I thought would interest me or visa versa.

However, as Celticmist said, for many people you wont know if there is an interest until you meet them. Emailing is a nice way to start then talking on the phone. I can't really tell from email and phone conversations. I just read in a person's profile that we are to choosy..there are plenty of people who would love to be on a date tonight.just need to pick someone. )His post mirrors my thoughts on this subject exactly.

That they might not be the right person for us but it is better than not going and sitting home. No interest in going out with someone whom I know there is no attraction with.

It would NOT surprise me to find out that these are the types of people that are constantly complaining of dates not meeting their expectations. I have to say that I think for the very first time I agree with Mr. Honestly, not too interested in dating at the moment either.

I can always stay home and wash my hair I'm sure there are those who DO go out with someone they feel nothing for, but in their little world, it would beat staying home and being 'stuck' with their own company. I get asked by the local yokals..tell them "not in this or any other life time, bub!

Why be miserable alone with your non-existant personality! " But then, their idea of a date is a beer at the local "hang out" (and I don't mean a bar) then breakfast at my place. At first, very excited by my new freedom and all the exciting opportunities out there awaiting me, I was a dating machine, making up for lost time and all that.

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When I first started getting back into the dating life, I was ok with meeting women where I didn't think there was going to be an 'attraction'.

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