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n Argentina de Medicina Respiratoria AAMS - Association of Air Medical Services AAMT - American Association for Medical Transcription AAMU - Alabama A M University AAMV - American Association for Museum Volunteers AAMW - Ask About Medicines Website AAMX - Aceto Acet M Xylidide AAMY - AIESEC Alumni Malaysia AAMZ - Arsenal Artilleria de Marina Zarate AANA - American Association of Nurse Anesthetists AANB - Abigail Adams National Bancorp AANC - American Association of Nutritional Consultants AAND - Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development AANE - Asperger''s Association of New England AANF - Assyrian American National Federation AANG - African-American Network Group AANH - Aviation Association of New Hampshire AANI - Animal Advocacy Network of Indiana AANJ - Art Administrators of New Jersey AANK - Amulet: Ankh Sword AANL - Atti Acad Naz Lincei AANM - Apartment Association of New Mexico AANN - Asset Allocation Neural Network AANO - Albanian American National Organization AANP - Alberta Association Naturopathic Practictioners AANQ - geocode for North America User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AANR - American Association for Nude Recreation [com]AANS - Australian Army Nursing Service AANT - Amino Acid Nucleotide AANU - Asociaci?

n de Argentina por los Naciones Unidas AANV - Astrological Association of Northern Virginia AANW - Apartment Association of Northeastern Wisconsin AANY - Auto Analyst of New York AANZ - Alpaca Association New Zealand AAOA - Area Agencies on Aging AAOB - American Association of Oral Biologists AAOC - Authorized Acquisition Objective AAOD - Advanced Answers on Demand AAOE - Adventist Association for Online Evangelism AAOF - airboat association of florida AAOG - Arts Alliance of Georgia AAOH - Afghan Academy of Hope AAOI - Alpha and Omega Industries AAOJ - American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal AAOK - And Archaeology On Kauai AAOL - Automotive Aftermarket Online AAOM - American Academy of Oral Medicine AAON - Ahwaz Arabistan Online Network AAOO - American Academy of Ophthalmology AAOP - American Academy of Pediatrics AAOQ - geocode for Oceania User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAOR - Anti Aircraft Operations Room AAOS - AAOT - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer AAOU - Association of Asian Open Universities AAOV - Average Annual Output Value AAOW - African Americans On Wheels AAOX - amino acid oxidase AAOZ - Airport Approach Overlay Zone AAPA - As A Physician Assistant AAPB - Association for Applied Psychophysiology Biofeedback AAPC - Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church AAPD - American Academy of Pediatic Dentistry AAPE - American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors AAPF - Asheville Area Piano Forum AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists AAPH - AFIAP Art Photographer AAPI - Americans and Pacific Islanders AAPJ - Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice AAPK - All About Pocket Knives AAPL - Australian Arrow Pty.

n de Artesanos ''aj Quen AAAR - Association for the Advancement of Aeronautical Research France AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAT - All America Auto Transport AAAU - Associated Alumni of Acadia University AAAV - Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle AAAW - Advanced Airbourne Anti-armour Weapon AAAX - Artist tag - aaax.- origin unknown AAAY - Annapurna Anna Yojana AAAZ - ANTARCTIC ATEMPORAL AUTONOMOUS ZONEAABA - Association of American Business Advisors AABB - American Asssociation of Blood Banks AABC - Associated Air Balance Council AABD - African American Biographical Database AABE - American Association of Blacks in Energy AABF - Almanya Alevi Birlikleri Federasyonu AABG - Ann Arbor Brewers Guild AABH - Asociaci? AAHS - American Association for Hand Surgery AAHT - Ayrshie Architectural Heritage Trust AAHU - Austin Association of Health Underwriters AAHV - American Association of Housecall Veterinarians AAHW - African-American Heritage Week AAHX - air-to-air heat exchanger AAHY - Arpajais- ja Asehallintoyksik?

rzea AACW - Appalachian Alliance for Computers and Writing AACX - Alaska Division of Agriculture AACY - All American City YMCAAACZ - Akademischer Alpen-Club Z? rich AAHA - American Animal Hospital Association AAHB - American Academy of Health Behavior AAHC - American Association of Healthcare Consultants AAHD - American Association on Health and Disability AAHE - American Association for Health Education AAHF - Army Aviation Heritage Foundation AAHG - All American Hot Dog Gang AAHH - African American Heritage Hymnal AAHI - American Association of Home Inspectors AAHJ - l'' Association Arch?

s Institute AAWJ - Aztec All Wheel Junkies AAWL - Arizona Animal Welfare League AAWM - American Academy of Wound Management AAWN - AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN'' S NETWORKAAWO - Albanian American Womans Organization AAWP - American Association of Working People AAWR - American Association for Women Radiologists AAWS - Association of African Women Scholars AAWT - Australian Alps Walking Track AAWU - Alaska Aviation Weather Unit AAWV - American Assn.Of Wildlife Veterinarians AAWW - Asian American Writers'' Workshop AAWX - Concentric Hole Depth AAWY - And Also with You AAWZ - Ausbau- und Aufbaugesellschaft Wissenschaftszentrum AAXA - discount mortgage company - name origin unknown AAXB - G-AAXB Aircraft model - AAXE - Automation and Extraction Agent AAXL - Aqua Aura e Xtra Large gemstone AAXS - Alumni Association of Xavier School AAYA - Asian American Youth Alliance AAYB - All About You Books AAYC - Ann Arbor Youth Chorale AAYD - Anne Arundel Young Democrats AAYE - AAYF - As Always Your Friend AAYH - American Association of Young Hungarians AAYM - Action Alpha Youth Ministry AAYN - Advocates for Alaska''s Youth Network AAYO - All American Youth Orchestra AAYP - Arab American Young Professionals AAYS - Arizona At Your Service - us AAYSAAYT - Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis AAYV - Allied Arts of Yakima Valley AAYW - All Around Your World AAYY - unknown - AAZA - org - meaning unknown AAZB - Amino AZo Benzene AAZC - Les actions a? ABAP - A Breed Apart ABAQ - Albuquerque Bernalillo County Air Quality ABAR - Alternate Battery Acquisition Radar ABAS - Adaptive Behavior Assessment System ABAT - Agent Based Analytical Tool ABAU - Archbishops Appeal Unit ABAV - Associa??riennes des zones de contact AAZD - Anti-Aircraft Zone Defense AAZE - is a spyware virus AAZF - Anglo-American Zionist Force AAZG - advanced Aluminum Zirconium Chlorohydrex Glycine AAZH - alias used by W32 Downloader virus AAZI - Assistance de A ? o Brasileira dos Produtores de Amido de Mandioca ABAN - Arab Business Angels Network ABAO - Asociaci? o Brasileira de Agentes de Viagens ABAW - Asian Bar Association of Washington ABAX - ABAY - A baby and you ABAZ - Amateur Boxing Association of Zambia ABBA - Association of British Bonsai Artists ABBB - American Belgian Blue Breeders ABBC - Atlantic Baptist Bible College ABBD - Aluminum Alloys for Bridges and Bridge Decks ABBE - Awarding Body for the Built Environment ABBF - Association of Bronze and Brass Founders ABBG - Alumnivereniging Beleid en Beheer van de Gezondheidszorg ABBH - average bouncing busy hour ABBI - Australian Better Business Insurance ABBJ - Albert Bradley Bennett Jr ABBK - Anybody But Bush or Kerry ABBL - Association of Banks and Bankers in Luxembourg ABBM - Associazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali ABBN - Affiliated Business Brokerage Network ABBO - Dutch computer website - nl ABBP - Akhil Bhartiya Berozgaar Party ABBQ - American Barbecue ABBR - ABBRreviation ABBS - Acta Biochim Biophys Sin ABBT - Akebono Basho Benihanna Takanahanna ABBU - Association of Black Board Users ABBW - Allen Big Beautiful World ABBX - ABBY - American Booksellers Book of the Year ABBZ - online gift store- com ABCA - ATP Binding Cassette ABCB - Australian Building Codes Board ABCC - Association of British Correspondence Colleges ABCD - American Born Confused Desi ABCE - advanced business certificate examination ABCF - American Breast Cancer Foundation ABCG - A B Consulting Group ABCH - Agricultural Biosafety Clearing House ABCI - Association of Business Communicators of India ABCJ - ABCK - Advanced Bug Camp for Kids ABCL - Automatic Barrier Crossing - Locally monitored ABCM - Activity Based Costing Management ABCN - American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology ABCO - Advisory Board Company ABCP - Asset Backed Commercial Paper ABCQ - Award in Beer and Cellar Quality ABCR - A Better Choice for Research ABCS - Army Battle Command Systems ABCT - Auto Body Collision Technology ABCU - Alliance Bank Culver ABCV - Automatic Bar Code Verification ABCW - American Baptist Churches of the West ABCX - ABCY - Armenian Brotherhood Church of Yerevan ABCZ - Amsterdamse Bundeling Consumenten Zorgvoorzieningen ABDA - Asuransi Bina Dana Arta ABDB - Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank ABDC - Arthur Baker and Dave Clarke ABDD - Akhil Bharatiya Dharmnirpeksh Dal ABDE - Atlantis Business Development ABDF - Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force ABDG - Advisory Body Dangerous Goods ABDH - Affordable Business Domain Hosting ABDI - Aboriginal Business Development Initiative ABDJ - AGROMEC BLAJENII DE JOS. fica ABEH - Associação Brasileira de Ensino de História ABEI - Amigos Benefactores Enfermos Incurables ABEJ - Associa?? Niederhausbergen AAEO - Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity AAEP - American Association of Equine Practitoners AAEQ - Anthropology and Education Quarterly AAER - Association for the Advancement of Educational Research AAES - Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station AAET - Astrological Association of East Tennessee AAEU - Arab American e University System AAEV - Aldinga Arts Eco Village AAEW - ? ves de Yabn AAEZ - Al Ain Educational Zone AAFA - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America AAFB - Association pour la Formation de la Biochimie et de la Biologie AAFC - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AAFD - African Americans for Democracy AAFE - Asian Americans For Equality AAFF - American Archives of the Factual Film AAFG - Acetic Acid Food Grade AAFH - Academy of American Franciscan History AAFI - Australians Against Further Immigration AAFJ - Association Amicale Franco-Japonaise AAFK - Aalesunds Fotballklubb - Klubben AAFL - Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd AAFM - American Academy of Financial Management AAFN - Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURHAAFO - All Aviation Flightline Online AAFP - American Academy of Family Practice AAFQ - Amateur Astronomers Federation of Quebec AAFR - Architetti Associati Flabiano-Rossi AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Science AAFT - Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing AAFU - Association des anciens fonctionnaires de l'' UNESCOAAFV - Association d'' Amities Franco Vietnamienne AAFW - Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers AAFX - Al\''s Art FX - - Australians Against Further Immigration AAFZ - unknown - com AAGA - Africa Assemblies of God Alliance AAGB - Association des amis de Gaston Bachelard AAGC - Agrupaci? rhus Grundejerforening AAGG - African American Genealogy Group AAGH - Accord Appraisals Granada Hills AAGI - Activation Analysis Group Inc AAGJ - Asociaci? n-AAGK - Apartment Association of Greater Knoxville AAGL - American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists AAGM - Asociaci? a AAGN - Afro America GLOSS News AAGO - Associate of the American Guild of Organists AAGP - American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry AAGQ - Ask A Geology Question AAGR - Associate of Arts degree General Requirements AAGS - African-American Genealogical Society AAGT - Austin Association for the Gifted and Talented AAGU - Auto AG Uri AAGV - Ausbildungsakademiegesetz Verbrauchergesundheit AAGW - Association of Albanian Girls and Women AAGX - com meaning unknown AAGY - Add AGenc Y file access AAGZ - Akademische Aviatikgruppe Z? riques AADO - American Association of Dispensing Ophthalmologists AADP - Asian American Donor Program AADQ - Affirmative Action Data Questionnaire AADR - Automated Additional Dialogue Recording AADS - Ameritech Advanced Data Services AADT - Annual Average Daily Traffic AADU - AA Democratic Union AADV - Animals And Domestic Violence - - ALL ARMS DRILL WINGAADX - nl name origin unknown AADY - character in movie Kyun Hota Hai Pyarrr AADZ - astronomsko astronauti? tvo zadar AAEA - American Academy of Equine Art AAEB - Archives de l'' Ancien Ev? n Andaluza de Empresas Forestales AAEG - American Artists Entertainment Group AAEH - Artists Alliance of East Hampton AAEI - American Association of Exporters and Importers AAEJ - American Association for Ethiopian Jews AAEK - Awesome Aquifer Education Kit AAEL - American Association of Equipment Lessors AAEM - Agricultural and Environmental Medicine AAEN - Association pour les enfants ? Wallenquist AAEX - Art of Amusement Expo AAEY - Association des Anciens El? n Argentina del Gran Dan AAGE - Analytics Acceleration Grid Environment AAGF - ?

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o Brasileira do Novilho Precoce ABNQ - Almost but Not Quite ABNR - Adopted Basis Newton Raphson ABNS - Application Based Network Services ABNT - Alt Binaries Nospam Teenfem ABNU - ABOK - Analysis Body of Knowledge ABOL - American Buddha Online Library ABOM - Automated Bill of Material ABON - Assistance Based on Need ABOP - Antifreeze Batteries Oil and Paint ABOR - Austin Board of Realtors ABOS - Associazione Bambini Ospedalizzati Sardegna ABOT - Al Basra Oil Terminal ABOU - Algemeen Bewoners Overleg Utrecht ABOV - ABOY - American Black Oystercatcher ABOZ - American Bonanza resources corp. ria do Brasil ABUC - Acuerdo de Bibliotecas Universitarias de C?

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