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I would have treated you good." All I could say to that "you were John's girl." She replied "yeah, his girl, alright." Becky was now showing her buzz. She put the center of the towel to her nose and sniffed it. I said, "Thank you Becky." John told me is a very hushed voice that he needs to invite me more often. She woke him up like she used to before they married. My cum shot off inside her bowels spurting for a full minute. Becky slid forward, eyes closed, laying flat on the bed. When I asked that, I thought it was strictly for my own benefit, I have learned that I'm not the only person that has benefitted." I started calculating how to get to my truck, where my bag was, could I win fighting John? He was happy I was going to hire Becky for interior design help.

I'm sure you'd have poked me in the ribs. Becky said, "Excuse me for interrupting, Don Juan, but I have your clothes from yesterday. Once behind John she said "unlike your towels." She held up a handtowel, just like the one I used to catch a load last night. It moved outward as I pulled and inward as I pushed. I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly and rammed in deep, arching my back, going as deep as possible. I asked you to be extra nice and attentive to my wife. He told me he gave my address to Becky and she was going to drop off a contract.

I miss them a lot." We small talk for a while and then she asks me "Mike, all the girls wanted you to get serious with them. She is dressing sexy again and is happy, laughing and taking care of herself. I saw Becky poke her head out of the laundry room looking at me. I saw her gaping anus slowly close up, keeping my semen inside it. I took my bag upstairs and saw John sitting at the table, drinking coffee. I didn't want to fight but I didn't want to get hurt either. John continued, "Becky told me this was the best weekend of her life. He signed the liability release contract early this morning.

I guess it stands to reason why he wanted her forever in his life. Maybe a B-Cup which is plenty big because she is a thin little woman. John takes me down stairs and shows me a nice room with it's own bathroom. I drop my bag and John says "let's get a beer." We go upstairs and sit in the kitchen. Boy was out there." Becky asks "He sounds really different. She caught herself with her hands on the block wall fence. This is the end of the fun for this weekend." She reaches her right hand behind herself and takes hold of my penis.

Friday night I drive my truck up and park in the driveway. We are talking and I see Becky standing near the kitchen. Proportionally they are right, her ass was nice and round, big but not too big. She was wearing a sweatshirt and long denim cutoffs near her knees. We talk about the fun stuff and gloss over the bad. She could have bent her knees to lower her center of gravity but she called out "Help me, Mike, I'm going to fall." I jumped up and go to her rescue. Inside her hand is either vaseline or KY or some type of lube. She continues to talk to me "I hope you don't mind but because time is running out, we need to skip all the bullshit and get to what I want and what you want.

She had makeup around her eyes, cheeks and her lips were dark red.

I hear Becky laughing behind me and turn around to see her standing behind me holding a laundry basket. Her hair is curled, she has long dark eyelashes that couldn't be real.

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As I get close to her, my eyes can't help but look at her pussy and ass. Her labia lips look really soft and hang out slightly. I grab her by the hips and pull her back toward me. You want to stay friends with John and be welcome in our home. John has agreed but I know even with video evidence you aren't 100% OK that John agreed to.

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