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Oscar winners Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman lead the stellar cast in the £12m film about the true story of a Scottish prisoner of war and his journey to confront his Japanese captors.

Archer Street was launched after the success of producer Paterson and director Tucker’s 1998 hit Hilary and Jackie.

Fully funded by Universal Pictures, it feeds prestigious films with a British and European sensibility straight into Hollywood.

The top-tier of film production companies would then comprise about 15 other outfits.

Citing the box office rewards of , he said: “It’s like a one arm bandit.

The jackpot pays out more, but the chances of hitting it are getting less.” The UK does have, however, several factors in its favour that increase its chances of hitting this global jackpot.

A frequent producing partner for Danny Boyle, Colson won an Oscar for his work on the film and was also nominated this year for 127 Hours.

Colson most recently produced Boyle’s upcoming art heist thriller Trance, starring James Mc Avoy and Rosario Dawson.

But it’s still an industry that remains as tough as ever in which to do business.The UK’s talent pool – so evident as you scan the lists of top directors, producers, Do Ps, vfx houses and studios in this film special – provides a solid base to make acclaimed UK films and reassures Hollywood that its big budget shoots are in good hands here.The UK’s top producers Below is a list of the top 40 film production companies in the UK, which has been compiled with help and feedback from a number of leading film producers, agents and film PR executives.In particular, financing and getting films made has not become any easier.Former UK Film Council chairman and ex-Polygram boss Stuart Till summed up the situation neatly last month at a Bafta debate on the future of independent production.

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