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Sugar Daters® is a dating platform which aims to connect like-minded individuals for a dating experience on their own terms.

Sugar Daters® was launched in 2013 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Sugar Daters®: YOU DESERVE TO BE SPOILED A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama is a mature, successful and generous gentleman/woman in control of their life and economy.

A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama may be an experienced mentor, an enjoyable company or a lifetime companion – just like a regular partner, only prosperous.

Some people like to bask in luxury, others appreciate every hard-earned coin. A Sugar Baby Portrait was first published on Sugardaters® Blog - US.

Read more SAFE: we provide our members with a safe dating environment to meet like-minded people.

As our member, you decide on how much information about yourself you want to share.

RELIABLE: Our goal is to be the best and the most trustworthy dating service for the generous, the young and the beautiful.

The Essence of Sugar Dating We are living in a world of prejudice.

People don’t explore new things because they are afraid of judgment and rejection.

Sugar Daters® is home for more than 250,000 Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babes, Boy Toys and Sugar Mamas, so whether you are looking for a long-term partner or a passionate fling, Sugar Daters® is the perfect place to start.

More than just physical attraction, Sugar Dating is primarily about respect.

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